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What does it all mean? Where does it come from and when will it pass? Was that a spook over there or was it someone we once knew? We used to climb the highest chestnut trees forgetting ourselves. We saw the silhouette of a seesaw - indelibly creaking.

The tall man arises from his sleep, feeling very drowsy. He saw something... It looked quite unreal - so unusual. There were tones. Familiar and imaginary. Made him rethinking his view of colours as there were none at all. Yes, he thought, that must have been some strange illusion. But... where have I been?

There were trees, there was snow, there were firemen (hastily catching their utensils) and most of all there was the moon. Hello there, how's business? No reply was the usual answer. He crossed a sea and a rotten bridge. The gate was not open - didn't matter much to him. He stumbled over fallen branches. Hey, was that a dinosaur disappearing behind that big black ruin? Well, damn me! I have to observe everything before it starts to vanish, he mumbled to himself. He went down a cellar. Pitch black. Had to find his way using his hands, feeling everything. There were lots of personal belongings and broken musical instruments. As he accidentely touched them they began to play on their own, as if by magic.

Wow, if making music is that easy I should give it a go, he smiled to himself. He tried to control these mysterious instruments but they seemed to ignore him. It was all chaotic and noisy. He screamed with all his might but nobody was bloody listening! He continued and tried new variations and modulations. It seemed as if he was singing – yes, there came stunning sounds out of his throat. Who needs these unmanageable instruments when your own voice can create such euphony. It felt grateful, so rich... And on he went forgetting all things around him. An old tape recorder being thrown in the bin was happily used. But when recorded it disappeared. There was his own room.

It seemed to be here all the time, as if by magic.






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